Wednesday, January 24, 2007

We Are All Freaks In A Freak Show


Meet My and My Friends

These are the FREAKY Unseen

The Freaky Things of Nature

These are pictures of me and my friends and family, taken with the Freaky Camera.

The freaky camera only takes pictures of the world

This is what I really look like. This is what my friends really look like - when the fasade of the physical plane is stripped off.

This is what is left of us when the fluff is gone.
This is who we are
Freaks in a great big
freak show.

These are my freaky parents.

Below is my Freaky Self.

Me and my friends are Freaks By Nature.
On the outside we look normal, but our souls are


Twisted. Destroyed.

That's what we are!


As you can see, there is no limit to the Evil things that dwell in our minds.

If you could see me and my friends the way the
freaky camera sees the whole world, you'd run.

You 'd never go near me and my friends.

On the outside, this scene below looks like a normal garden party.

It ain't!

Not normal.

In the unseen world
- which many hold for more real than the physical world-
this party is an outright

Me and my friends aren't just wierd, we are

Beyond the Seen world lies the Unseen.
And it is freaky.

Seeing us on the street you'd never know.

That we were such freaks.

But if you had eyes like the freaky camera, you'd never be caught anywhere close to freaks like us.

You'd rather

This is my freaky friend the artist. He is a freak both on the inside and on the outside. He is an exception. But then again, he is an artist.

This is my brother. He is only a freak on the outside.
But on the inside, he's actually
quite nice.

Not a freak at all

But then again, my brother is also an exception.

He is a
burn victim.

This is what my non-freaky brother wished he could look like.

He would like to be an
Evil Freak,
just like the rest of us.

But he is not.

He's a rather nice guy.

Just like we
all were, before we became FREAKS.